Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thinking time

I am pleased to say that today I actually wanted to ride again. This afternoon Sarah and Franks accompanied us on a ride up the track, and we had a fab trot from the bottom up all three fields. Rio needed the leg stretch, and I needed the mind-clearing time. 

I'm off on holiday for a week on Saturday - we are off on a cruise. I thought that as the grass is growing so fast at the moment, that I would bite the bullet and open up the super long (dying) grass in the front part of Rio's field. He now can choose whether to eat the short sweet stuff, or the longer bulkier stuff. I'm hoping that I will be riding again a little more so he can then maintain a reasonable weight. I was happy with him this evening as he didn't jog at all - possibly the first time I've ridden without him jogging around in months! 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Keeping myself to myself

I'll keep this short and sweet, and make it pretty with some pictures of Rio and I, developing our bond at the recent play day at the end of June. Sarah also kindly put him through his paces up the bank, which he loved. I am very proud of him, Parelli really seems to suit us both. Anyway - more on that another day.

This should have been a happy post, but sadly my husband and I have just been through a very difficult time. Last Tuesday we were expecting to announce the due date of our first child, but instead we found out that we lost her in the early weeks. 

We are keeping busy. Rio has been a beautiful field ornament for the last week or so, but thanks to our groundwork, I'm confident that this shouldn't be too much of an issue as soon as my head is in the right place to get back in the saddle.