Friday, 2 January 2015

All wound up

Well after all the craziness of Christmas, travelling and New Year, it's time to start trying to get my head around a routine again in a couple of days. I start a new job on Monday, which means back to the 8 - 5 lifestyle and making up feeds, haynets and planning my time better at the yard. I'm a sucker for mooching around and achieving a whole lot of nothing when I've got time spare! We've got a bit of hit and miss for a while now too, whilst I change Rio's feed - we think he may be getting a touch of Alfa Anger. He's on alfa A, and despite his calming supplement from Hack Up, he's been getting rather stroppy recently. On to Ready Grass to see if it makes a difference...

So at the end of the year, Haynet hosted a wonderful giveaway - I sent off my entry, and was absolutely shocked when I received an email saying I was a winner! Not only "a" winner, I was the winner of the main prize! I would like to extend again my heartiest thanks to the Haynet team, and those at Dragonfly Saddlery & Trickle Net for my early Christmas surprise. 

It was super exciting as my parcels came in!

Caldene Seat Saver

Haynet Hoody
Haynet Mug
Christmas Box of an Equilibrium Vitamunch Block and Net

Rio had his Vitamunch block today after our ride, and although he went in full chomp at first, he soon got the hang of it! By the time I went back down to see him with his dinner and evening hay a couple of hours later, it was nowhere to be found - I think he approved... My mug will be coming with me to my new job, and will have pride of place on my desk once my training is completed. The seat saver is super plush and luxurious - great for this changeable weather at the moment. The tricklenet has the teeniest holes I've ever seen, but the wastage is greatly reduced! Even walking hay down to the field I'm not losing fly-away bits on the tracks. 

Stock image of Rio's smart new exercise sheet
I got some vouchers for a local tack shop, Dawn's Tack Box to spend from my lovely colleagues at my old job, and went to spend them today! I came away with a new fleece ride-on for Rio, a nice new blue lead rope, a yellow hi-viz (he's growing up a bit too much for a pink "young horse in training" one *sniff*) & also some new riding gloves (some simple wool with pimpled palm ones). 

I (and I mean Rio) got some posh Le Mieux saddle wear for Christmas. He now has a merino wool half pad in brown, and a numnah - unfortunately he can only wear one at a time or his saddle doesn't have the clearance under the gullet! He looks super smart though - pictures to follow, as we've been rushing around tacking up and hitting the roads and I've not had chance to get a photo yet. I resisted the urge to splurge on a blingy browband whilst shopping today, but only because I didn't have his bridle with me to match the brown! Oops!

Well I'm signing off in preparation for a soggy ride out tomorrow morning.

Ride / play safe x