Monday, 24 August 2015

Catch-up on fast forward!

Stubble fields.

Boy love.

Overcoming scary objects on wheelbarrows. At liberty :)

Sunset stubble field hacks. The world's longest stubble field, and Rio actually tired himself out completely. We had the best canter, after I was initially not convinced. Both boys came off the trailer and were very antsy at the start of the hack, but by half way across the first field my worries were gone, and by the third, I was up out of the saddle able to give his back the freedom he needed! Franks with his long legs and better fitness motored off whilst we slowed to a leisurely trot and then walked to catch up with them - what a good boy!

 Misty beautiful early mornings.

More boy love.

Observing at a Silke Vallentine Level 1-2 clinic on the weekend and taking away some interesting and useful hints and tips.

Not having my phone on the one day that Rio ends up brown and brown because he's caked himself in mud!

Treating us to new Le Mieux navy sports boots - to match the numnah of course.

Replacing the waterproof coat in the nick of time - today was a washout!