Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Misty mornings and lush hacks

Misty mornings are upon us, and the temperatures are starting to drop overnight. Rug season is here, and yes I rug my Welsh Cob!

We had a fantastic ride out at King's Forest a couple of weeks ago. 2 1/2 hours of unadulterated forestry and tracks, and the most awesome canters. Rio was a total superstar and really surprised me with his stamina. So much love for this boy!

He wasn't so impressed with his hair 'do' when I took his plait out though, teehee.

I also went to Burghley for the XC phase again this year. We were at the crossing when Andrew Hoy was unseated, but luckily didn't see any of the other tumbles! My lovely hubby came along for his first experience, and I think he almost enjoyed the day. 

And to finish off - a bit of 3 way boy love after a pleasant hack out around the village with the girls whilst Franks and Sarah were away in the New Forest!