Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mid week fun in the sun

 Is this thing on?

It's been a strange couple of weeks! I've spent lots of time in my field mooching about and wading in our muddy pond, and mum keeps coming up and fussing over me. I'm getting very good at picking my feet up in the field, and am really not fussed all that much about those silly electric gates any more. It was too stressful arguing with mum every time she wanted me to go with her, and somehow she always won. I've had a couple of lovely walks out with mum and our friends on the yard, it's so nice that I don't always have to carry her! 

I met a new friend yesterday, mum came down and we did some exercise in the outdoor school in the sunshine, I got all sweaty, and then we went for a walk later in the day too! I was definitely ready for a chill in my field by the time the sun went down. I worked hard trying to do what mum was asking me, but it was difficult because we've only cantered in straight lines recently what with all of this slippery mud. I've sort of decided I'm not sure about cantering in circles... I did fight mum a lot for it, but eventually I let her think she had won a little and did a couple of strides of canter in one corner. I knew it would work, and she let out a big sigh and let me have a big long stretch and cool off after that. I can't let her think she can do it all in one go. See how soggy I got, I did say I tried! Don't I look dapper? I can't wait for that Spring grass to come through. 

This is my new friend Max and me:

I got to explore the other side of the yard with him as well, and called dibs on some hay that some sucker had left in their haynet! Waste not want not, I say. We went for a walk all the way up the hill, further than we've been before and we were very good even when the bird scaring gun went off, we only panicked for a second, but I didn't stand on mum or run off. I was starving on the way back though - that hay got my tummy rumbling. I don't think mum was too pleased, I did get told off and mum doesn't do that very often. I'll have to try and make sure I'm more sneaky about it next time... 

Only 2 days til we get to do something again, it was nice of mum to spend time with me during the week for a change, she keeps promising that it will happen more often soon when the days are longer. I can't wait.