Saturday, 1 February 2014


To ride a horse is to ride the sky

Today we didn't even look at the gate as we came up to the yard, the wind was blowing a gale across the paddocks and although there was a little discussion across the school it was a vast improvement. I was planning on riding. Then all of a sudden I wasn't. Rio had spotted some movement on the muck heap and it really upset him. I untied him to try and avoid him breaking off and realising he could do it again if he wanted. We walked round the yard in hand for a bit, then walked him back to where we were, and stood quietly with him for a little while. He soon settled back down, so the girls persuaded me to still take him out with them on the field. 

Proud moment alert.

Not only was I proud of Rio - he didn't bat an eyelid (except at a tarpaulin on the way out that was blowing around...) and I put him at the front, in the middle and momentarily at the back. We walked. We trotted. We cantered. Twice. Beautifully. I was also proud of myself. I pushed aside my worries and in turn, Rio rewarded my trust with a lovely ride. By the end we were even riding on the buckle, and after the first time around the field, I was working him on a longer rein and giving him his head more. 

I've opted to try out some baby oil on Rio's feathers today - his legs last night when I went up with hay looked brown, and they are meant to be a beautiful bright white!! This weather is dragging on so much, their field is now starting to get sloppy with this crazy rain. 

Ride safe x