Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wobbly Wednesday

Ok so I really am getting sick of this weather now! Rio is getting better each time I bring him up in this wind, but I'd really rather it just went. I'm not even getting chance to get any photos or do anything exciting to share with you at the moment because it's the bare minimum! Today we even struggled with getting hay down for the boys in the fear it was just going to blow away before they had chance to eat it. 

I broke my phone last week and sent it off to be repaired on my insurance, and was hoping to collect it tonight but thanks to the wind and the bridge being shut, the whole darn town was gridlocked, and an 8 minute drive home took 50 minutes so there was no way I was getting out of town to get to the depot (a 45 minute drive away) before they shut. So frustrated, and it's just getting ridiculous now!

PLEASE bring on the Spring - I want to teach my boy! Here are some pictures of our yard (the summer grazing so you're not worrying!):

Ride safe x