Saturday, 19 April 2014

Finally got the photos!

There was a beautiful sunrise waiting for me when I arrived at the yard on Friday! Despite not having had an alarm set for the last week, my body clock has woken me up without fail at 5.40am to get down to the yard. I decided that as I was awake, I would head down and get some bits moved over to the summer fields and do my usual morning jobs. 

I left Rio with lots and lots of hay in the hope that he would fill up on that and therefore not eat constantly when he was moved to his summer grazing. It's crazy green down there! He had a hearty breakfast too, and by the time I went to get him, his field was clear of hay.

Other ponies usually get excited by moving onto new grazing, a bit flighty, chomping at the bit to get away. Rio stood and fidgeted whilst I took his headcollar off; no cantering around with tail in the air, no cheeky glances. His head went down, and that was that! This morning his belly was a little rounder, but nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. I was very pleased to find all of his poos together too, which made it so much easier. I'm having to do everything in dolly shoes at the moment as my foot does have an infection, so I'm now half way through my course of antibiotics, just bored of sitting around so have been very bad and not really rested it as much as I should have...

The sunshine finally came out when we had some time to spare so we grabbed the opportunity, loaded the boys up and went to get some photos with the bluebells and the gorgeous yellow fields. I got over 320 frames, and am so pleased with some of the shots - I will post some on my next entry! On the way back, my foot was getting a bit sore, so I had a leg up from my friend and rode Rio bareback for the first time. He was a little gem, and although we did have a little trot which was a bit nerve wracking (I admit I bundled him into Franks' bum to make sure he stopped - I had him on a loose rein at the time!) it was actually very good for my confidence. Even in the few strides of trot, I was more balanced than I expected I was going to be, I know that a lot of my issues with my riding are in my head, because I expect I'm not capable. Luckily I have friends who can help me overcome my fears!

The path wasn't quite wide enough for my friend to get a good shot and this one doesn't show it in it's glory, but Rio was in a beautiful outline again. I had the biggest grin as we walked back to the trailer, I just can't even explain how good it felt. 

Please note, I do not recommend riding without a helmet! Safety first. 

Ride safe x