Friday, 25 April 2014

Spring in our step

Looking good! Rio has been enjoying the spring grass in his new field. It doesn't help that I've still not been riding, as I've been waiting for the infection in my foot to go down. The good news is that it's looking much better so I'm hoping to get riding again next week! The bad news, is that he's only been worked twice in the last couple of weeks by my friend, and although he looks rather lush in the picture above, this is the reality!

Belly's gonna get ya! He's a round mucky little chubster! I remembered to grab some dettol when we went shopping this evening so I can at least give him a hot wash this weekend. We're off to a parelli play day on Sunday to see if we can't teach him something new and stimulate him a bit after a quiet couple of weeks. I'm a little nervous and a little excited, and a little dubious of being in my boots for several hours and on my feet, but I'm quite sure it will be worth it. We're taking Archie the goat again, and I'm hoping to get lots of photos too.

I've also had a bit of a play with a couple of the photos from our shoot last week, have a peek!

Ride safe x