Tuesday, 8 April 2014

On top of the world

I earned it!

Mum came to get me from the field this afternoon, I was expecting my tea time hay, but I didn't get that until later! I figured that I'd been cheeky the last few times coming up, so I gave mum a day off and walked up with no argument at any of my favourite "stop spots". I enjoyed my cuddle that I got for being good too. 

Everyone seems to be unwell at the yard at the moment, so I've been doing a lot of walking when we've gone out with them. That's why I fancied a canter into the yard on Sunday, I just had to stretch my legs a bit! Mum said she was thinking she was going to have to bail me into the muck heap. Sounds gross - maybe I'll have to avoid doing that again just in case she actually does. 

Mum felt much more relaxed when she got on today, she gave me my head from the start, and it was nice. We chilled out together, and I decided that I would seek the contact for the first time, which mum got very excited about. She asked her friend how I looked and apparently I was "spot on", whatever that means. I had a good walking workout and pushed through from behind instead of pulling myself along. It was nice to keep B company whist he's strengthening up again. I hope my buddies get better soon so we can go out cantering together again!