Friday, 2 May 2014

Building blocks

Rio is a people person, which is very helpful. However, whilst he is brave on the outside, and the obvious "scaries" don't seem to phase him, he does revert to being a baby in the most peculiar situations. He was so brave at the play day on Sunday, and then twice this week he has planted himself before we get to the second electric gate again. I wish I knew what caused it, because he doesn't fuss (at the moment!) at the first electric gate. 
We had been playing the Friendly Game for a bit, I've had to improvise by using my schooling whip and utilising my lead rope - today and last night I opted for my lunge line. He's very steady when playing Friendly, and last night I was swinging the lunge line around both of our heads and he was standing very quietly. As soon as we went to walk out of the field however, he would just stop. I ended up having to send him out on a circle a couple of times then driving him sideways to bring him closer to the gate, before practically dragging him the last three steps through. Once through, he's absolutely fine. Go figure. 
We have plenty to work on, but I'm confident we will get there in the end. He's forever for me, so if it takes years to build our perfect bond, it doesn't matter. 
Rio had his second shoeing today, and was being a bit cheeky for the farrier. He started by moving his foot back a minimal amount, which started to develop to trying to take his foot back completely. With a well timed reaction, he was put back in his place, and didn't try it again. We saw a baby fox cub when walking back down to the field! SO CUTE! Wish I could have taken a photo but when it spotted Rio and me, it was off into the hedge. 

Ride safe x