Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Foto Friday!

My friend caught this awesome pic of the boys having a nap this week. How cute!

Having a good roll!

I was getting concerned about how squishy Rio's field was getting.

That was nothing after a day of rain!

These are Rio's pastures.

Stable training last night. This was after less than an hour. With company opposite.

Decided to bank it up as he never comes in.

Went back down tonight (yes, just a small one so he doesn't make a total mess tonight!)

Dinner bribery to help him settle. Had to make the big decision of rug or no rug, and settled on a waffle cooler as he was soggy and has an open window above his head. Oh I hope he's ok.

Everyone else I know worries about their horse being out. I worry about Rio being in! Hopefully with Miss Bella for company he won't be too unsettled. He was much more co-operative this evening after clinging to the door and being very bargy in the stable last night. He moved back when asked with much more ease today, and I was happy to stand in the stable with him without worry of being squished! I even picked up all four feet in there, and put the waffle rug on. Small steps. OH and he walked straight out of the field - compliment to the horrendous state of it bless him. He was cheeky half way up to the barn when he realised he'd made it far too easy, but I told him off, refused to back down, and he came quietly after that. 

So much for getting back in the saddle tomorrow - now I have to worry about him being stabled whilst I'm away which was not part of the plan, and it's meant to continue raining tomorrow! 

Ride/play safe, and I hope you guys have usable paddocks!