Monday, 23 June 2014

Dentistry and Ancestry

Rio did some beautiful side stepping this morning. Coming out of his field at 6am wasn't at the top of his to-do list. I stayed calm and jovial and moved him away from me before inviting him to follow me, and he did without question. He had to come up to the starvation paddock to wait for the vet so I had a shorter trip to get him! It was the first dental visit since I got him, and the receipt for his last one in August said "dentistry under sedation". Needless to say, I was a little anxious as to how he would be. 

As you can see, he was a little star. No sedation, and he did fidget a little, but didn't really run away at all. He was fine with the head gear when he had it on (sorry no beautiful photos of that gadget!) and was an absolute gent having the edges rasped. He's got wolf teeth through, but as they are not causing him any issues at the moment we won't be touching those. He did his mumma proud again today, love this little man so much!

I was also talking to my friend about Rio's ancestry yesterday so thought I'd do a quick Google search. This is Rio's mum! Glenalla Ffion. She's actually for sale at the moment - and I never realised she was only 14hh! If only I could afford to keep a second horse, I might consider buying her and reuniting her with her boy  - she's only 8 now, and is being brought on under saddle. Sadly there is no further information on Rio's dad except that he's a UK stallion named Finley. I've not got any further than that - Google has failed me! I'd love to know what breed his dad was. There are a few on but I've no idea if any of them may be his daddy. Here's Rio's lineage: click here

Ride / play safe x