Saturday, 28 June 2014

Poo and nettles

The boys standing watching Sarah fill up the water bucket. Bless them. 

Rio went out on a solo mission around the village with Sarah today. My leg is still feeling a little twingey so I decided it would be best that I give it another day to recover as it was pretty immobile at times yesterday. Happy to report that it's much better today! 

So it turns out Rio's freak-out on Wednesday night probably was down to a pile of poo. That pile of poo that he spooked at on the Thursday night hack got another look today when Sarah took him past, but his reactions are getting less each time. Today he had a good look, then calmly walked around it. Apparently he did a poo of his own which he also had to have a proper look at on his way back. What a silly boy. Other than that, he was very good. He wasn't even very sweaty. 

I took some cutters down to Rio's paddock today to attack the army of nettles and thistles. It's just a small dent but it's a start! I had to give up when my arms started feeling numb, so will carry on tomorrow.

This is after my attack on the foliage. Should have taken a before and after shot! Plenty still to be done, but it's actually looking much better already. 

Rio's new bit needs to be replaced as we tried it and it was a little too small so I'm sending it back to get the next size up to try. He was happy enough hacking in it today, but for schooling, it's just not quite wide enough to be a permanent solution. Little bit gutted, but I'll have plenty of parcels to look forward to this week as I had a little shopping spree this week for first aid and fencing supplies, and obviously the new bit will have to come!

Ride / play safe x