Saturday, 14 June 2014

Saddle up!

I'll keep it brief where I can, there's a bit to cover since I left off for my holiday! By the time I left, this was the state of the fields. The morning that I flew out to Cyprus, the girls were down at the yard at 7.30am retrieving the horses from their fields as the water came over the river banks. They're still on their Summer grazing at the moment, and probably will be for at least another week!

So Rio survived his night in the stable. However, somehow he managed to jump his stable door not long before I got to the yard the following morning.

This is the door he jumped. Not a low one, and not much room to launch or land! Amazingly, he didn't go lame, although that didn't stop me worrying about it for the first few days of my holiday. Once I'd got a friend to check him over for me, I had a ride! Yes. I RODE!

He was a superstar, and thankfully with the lack of wind, he didn't step a foot wrong. It was the best boost I could have asked for.

Sarah was taking Rio on a few days after I left to keep him busy, so I had plenty of photos sent over to me whilst I was away, from her and Millie. Rio always loves to have a good roll after he's hosed off and boy has it been warm here, so he's been a sweaty boy!

My sleepy boy after he had worked hard with Sarah!

Bromance time - Rio had a sleepover in with Franks last night after we went out for a hack. I made it out for a hack within 2 hours of being back home. Wonderful! We were back out again at 7.30am this morning, even better! Tomorrow we have another Parelli Play Day. 

Casually flinging poo and sticking it to a tree... Because that's how we roll...

Rio looking pretty fly! Trimmed his tail back up again as the ends were grubby, bleached and starting to trail on the floor. Snipped the long feathers to avoid so much ground coverage, but couldn't bear to take the scissors to his mane despite his missing middle patch... Jury is out for what will happen with it. If I can grasp the running plait, it will stay - if not, it will be cut and pulled... Such a handsome young man!

Ride / play safe x