Thursday, 26 December 2013

Happy holidays!

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful day with friends and family. Good news - me and Rio had a much more successful ride in the school today, he was far calmer although still managed a little side hop right near the end when we were finishing off. It was good to have a ride that instilled confidence again even if he is still not very good at standing still whilst I mount...

We had his saddle checked, and the gullet was one size too big, so hopefully today he was much more comfortable, and following the farrier visiting we may have to get some front shoes fitted soon. The little man's feet have been keeping themselves fairly level which means that once we start working more he will be wearing them down too fast! It was actually to the point that they were just re-shaped as none could be trimmed off. Of course it would help if he would stop pawing at the ground - I can only tell him off when he's up at the barn with me! 

I have to share the field with you from Christmas morning, this is my other half going for a wade (fear not, they had plenty of field that was dry!) Unfortunately, whilst we have fantastic grazing all year round, we are right on the bank of a river, so when it bursts the banks, this is the result!

Onwards and upwards! Ride safe x

P.S: Finally settled in to my blog-home and made it a bit prettier - what do you think?