Sunday, 22 December 2013

I don't like the wind

Me and mum have had a bit of a tough weekend. Yesterday I went up and had my headcollar put on but the wind was horrible, the electric fence was clicking, and there was a strange pile of someone else's stuff outside my gate. I really didn't want to go through it and stood my ground, but mum wouldn't listen. I ran away and hid with B to get away from it but mum came and got me, and we had a bit of a disagreement for five minutes. Mum looped the lead rope over my nose which didn't help as every time she pulled it got tight. I didn't like that. I hope she doesn't do that all of the time.

Eventually I gave up but boy was that fence scary. Then the wind was hitting the trees at the top of the yard, so I couldn't concentrate and kept going in circles around mum as she tried to take me up there. It's scary when I'm on my own! 

Mum took me straight into the indoor school and we walked around for a bit so I followed her after I did a runner from the big scary pile of shavings bales in the corner. Before long, I was walking right past them without even thinking about it, I guess mum is right about some things not being scary. Not that wind though. So once I had followed for a bit, I was left to my own devices so I had a good snout out of the door for a bit and a bit of a jog around at my own leisure. That was nice. I kept wandering back to mum as I wasn't sure what she was doing, sat in the corner watching me! A couple of people came up to the gate to say hello, and in my excitement I forgot mum was there and nearly squished her once... maybe twice. Sorry mum! 

Anyway, one of them brought a long stick with a string on the end in, and mum said she wanted to try "free lunging" whatever that is. Apparently it consists of me doing all of the work whilst she stands in the middle with the stick talking to me and making funny noises. Mum gave me a video to share with you as she said she was very proud. It was our first time doing this! I've been told that the full version is here - where you will see that the video below is just the best bit!

So today had some trouble too, I was still afraid of that gate, and mum had to be really patient with me to get me out of the field again. Not only that, but the wind got quite bad again as we went into the school and made me jump. I think mum lost a stirrup or something because she wobbled and I was about to stop then got scared again and went off the other way and the next thing I knew she was laying on the floor by the fence. Just as well I'm not too tall or I'm sure that would have hurt lots. 

Mum got back on me and we did lots of circles and walking past the scary bits in the school. She kept making me stop and start and stop and start. It was really hard to calm down though, and I could feel that mum was worrying a bit, but we did some trotting in a circle and a few transitions of walk-trot-walk and trot-walk-trot but I started to lose concentration and get wibbly again so we stopped. What a weekend! I do hope this wind doesn't stay for long.