Monday, 30 December 2013

Fence hopping

Oh mum! Stop embarrassing me! 

Mum took this picture to prove that I'm just being silly when I refuse to go through the gate. I don't know why. It's scary when I have to go through it! Plus, she tricked me into standing next to her before I even noticed where I was. I must admit, after I had a sniff about, it didn't seem so bad, but I'm pretty sure the monsters were asleep at the time - they're always lurking there whenever the headcollar comes close! 

So I decided I wanted a change of scenery last night. It took mum way too long to come find me when she brought breakfast. She called me a dozen times, but her tiny head light didn't shine far enough for her to see me. She must have noticed I wasn't waiting at the gate like normal! Eventually she came walking down and found me, and I was in the field next door (where all the nice untouched grass is!) but she made me walk all the way back up to the gate where the monsters are, and then told me off a little when I wouldn't go through it - even though she had my breakfast. I had to have my headcollar on for reassurance that they wouldn't come and get me. Anyway, I was very good and it only took two attempts for me to kick my nerves and walk through BOTH scary gates. Mum gave me a  big pat and I tucked in to brekkie. 

It was nice that mum came down to see me after work tonight, that's when she tricked me into standing by the gate for cuddles and I even stood there whilst the electric was clicking a bit. Mum seemed quite impressed, and kept saying "I told you it wasn't that scary!" (I know you don't believe her either...) Don't I look handsome though? Rumour has it that I might have another new rug too. I'm so excited to try it on!