Sunday, 15 December 2013

Introducing Rio

Hi world! My name is Rio, and my mum wanted to start this blog to record our progress (she tells me there will be good days and bad days...) so we can look back when I am a clever old man and laugh at how silly we were. 

Three weeks ago...
I was a bit confused at first when three ladies who I had only met a few times came and loaded me on to a trailer from my cosy stable, but soon realised that I was going on an adventure when we arrived at a new place with lots of other ponies and strange smells. I had a lovely new rug put on, which there was lots of umming and ahhing over before it was taken off and replaced with a slightly longer one to cover my bum, and I never saw that rug again. I think they decided my bum looked too big in it as it was hanging out! 

Anyway, I have a lovely field buddy who looks after me, even if he does tell me off sometimes, and am very happy living out in my field. My favourite thing at the moment is finding the plants with the burrs on so that mum has to come and pick them all out - but I don't like to make that easy either! Mum has taken to spraying this nice smelling stuff on my mane, tail and feathers now, so I just walk through them even more to make sure they stick. Mum keeps calling me Elvis when this happens.

I have been a very brave boy since I arrived, and I know that I have lots to learn (but so does mum as she keeps telling me we will be learning together!) I am only 4 after all. I have really enjoyed going out round the local village with some of my new friends, but it's all still very new, so I keep getting very sweaty by the end of it. Today was the first day I made it home without big sweat patches! Mum said she was very proud; especially after I took 25 minutes to relax yesterday on my first ride out on my own. In my defence, there were lots of small yappy things running around when we were out, and flappy things coming out of the trees! 

I hope you come back to see how me and mum get on!

PS. I haven't told mum yet, but I had an accident and ripped my rug yesterday - please don't tell her!