Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Feeling lucky

I am a very blessed lady. I have a wonderful pony, a great yard with friendly people, an amazing husband, healthy family, and as much as I would rather be with the horses, I have a job that I can deal with. Most of the time. I love that I get to leave the office at the end of the day in daylight now, and that I can wind down for an hour or more with friends there after work. I love the banter, and the relaxed air, and I love seeing my boy prance down the field for his dinner, and picking at the multiple piles I make with his hay. All I can say is bring on the longer days, the sunshine, and the warmth. Get out the trailers, the water bottles, and lets saddle up and go on some adventures! I can't wait. 

It's so difficult sometimes to see the wood for the trees, but I just had to share this moment of clarity with you, because it can be hard to see the good things in life! So what do you love? What is making you smile whilst you think about answering the question?

Ride safe & smile x