Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Rio's first pair of shoes

Hey guys, I am super sleepy today! Mum was up all day again spending time with me. She was worried about I wasn't pooing enough when she left yesterday, but I'm pleased to report I managed to fill half a barrow when she came to collect it this morning.  As you can see, the sun was out, and I had a great sunbathe today whilst hanging out with mum and the other ponies. 

It all started with a nice groom, then mum cut bits of my tail out to "thin it out". Apparently I have two horses' worth of tail. Mum's friend plaited me up after that, I looked pretty darn cool!

Yes, that is actually how long my dock is before you say anything - they couldn't believe it either! Does my butt look big in this?

Once I'd had a bit of a pamper, I had my tack on and went for a wander around the field with mum, we had a nice walk around the outside and a couple of canters down the middle which I went into very nicely. I heard mum talking about cantering on corners again... I haven't decided yet whether I'll be going along with that though! I like straight lines in open spaces. We even did a little bit of in hand work in the outdoor school. I had my head collar on but mum just threw the lead rope over behind my ears and didn't attach it to anything. Then she took it off completely! I was good though, and stuck by her all the way around, AND we did some trot without her having to pull me into it. I think I'm starting to enjoy it now, it seems to make mum pretty happy, which results in more cuddles for me - all good!

So after that, a man turned up in a white van with lots of smelly smokey stuff and changed B's shoes. I've never had shoes before, I always have a trim, but today I got my first pair of shoes on my front feet. Sounds like there are plans afoot (excuse the pun!) for more work now that the days are longer. Having watched B have his done, and with mum stood next to me, I knew there couldn't be much to worry about. Mum even got a picture of me with the farrier being a good boy:

Look at the glorious sunshine. It was so nice. I had lots of cuddles and plenty of time to snooze as well. There are a handful of new horses up here this week, so today I got to see a couple of them up close too. They are BIG! I'm sure mum will tell you more about them though. She's been busy making friends with them too; I have put in a good word for her when I've seen them around. Sshh don't tell her!

Here are my shiny new shoes up close, what do you reckon?

Oh. And this was the result of my plaited tail. It's a bit girly don't you think mum?? Although I must admit, it doesn't look so frizzy, so I guess that "thinning" thing did work a bit.

Speak soon!