Friday, 14 March 2014

Finally Friday!

 Well it would be nice if the night times would catch up with these warmer days we've been having! I actually had a ride out around the field after work last night. My friends got Rio up and saddled him up so all I had to do was put his bridle on and hop on. We did some trot and canter work and Rio ended up a little sweatier than I intended. I sure hope he starts moulting soon. If not, the clippers will have to come out. He had to stand and munch hay for an hour before I could rug him up and take him down to his field for the night. 
 I could hardly see anything this morning for the fog. It had already started to settle when i got around to walking Rio down from the yard, but at 6am it was a matter of only being able to see a few feet ahead. It didn't lift until late morning, which resulted in a cooler day than we've been having recently. 
He was down there somewhere!

I've continued to track my rides on Endomondo and am finding the information really helpful, and fun to look back over. Here's a graph of our ride around the field yesterday:
We had a good 4 minutes of consistent trot/canter work, which is pretty good for me and Rio! I can feel my thighs today haha. We are looking to school tomorrow morning at the yard around the corner from us, so that will tot up some time and miles! This is what we've ridden so far:
I particularly like the "burgers burned" stat :) There are all kinds of challenges you can take on, and see where you rank on distance/miles ridden and time spent in the saddle. It's not only riding you can track - you can track any sport! It's really got me motivated again - do any of you use it?
Here's Rio's new neighbour, isn't he a cutie?
Ride safe x