Wednesday, 5 March 2014


We've had another day of glorious weather today! So glad I took this week off as holiday and not last week. I'm loving the chance to spend my days with my boy, and I hope he's enjoying it too. I think he's getting sleepy now though - this working every day thing is hard work you know! He was over-reaching on the way back in from our hack this afternoon bless him. May have to get him some overreach boots as I don't want him to be catching his new shoes with his back feet, just whilst I'm bringing him into more regular work. 

We had the fight of the wormer this morning, I've never had to worm before so it was a bit daunting - can't they make a worming syringe for girly hands? It was a nightmare trying to hold on to it so you're ready to squirt it at the opportune moment but I didn't want to keep hold of it with him throwing his head around in case I did it too early! Anyway, I managed it in a moment of ninja-ness, and he swallowed most of it then spat a glob out again, so I scooped it up on a pear and he reluctantly ate that... Woohoo! Worming phase 1 completed. Just to do pin worm in a couple of weeks or something to make sure he is not carrying them, and we are all good until we worm count over summer. 

The yard has been all hustle and bustle this week, it's been quite nice and has sure kept me busy. Tomorrow calls for a bit of schooling and fingers crossed a bath for Rio. If I can ride in the morning, and the weather is as nice as today, I'm hoping to bath him around lunch time so he can dry off over the afternoon. He is a bit scurfy at the moment, and I could do with getting his white bits whiter before it starts to stick in too much. He had a lovely roll today after our ride, it was to be expected though, he did get rather warm and sweaty on the shoulders!

Well he was fairly clean. This was the aftermath of the roll! He looked like he really enjoyed it though. He turned around to look at me all proud afterwards too. Such a sweetie. 

I wasn't ready to leave the yard just yet, so I took him back down to his field and just sat in there for a bit. It was nice to see him wander off to graze, and gradually work his way back to me, where he stood with me until I moved! We got lots of silly pictures, here are a couple of my favourites: 

Ride safe x