Thursday, 4 September 2014

Autumn is on it's way

I can't believe it's starting to get dark before 8pm already. We saddled up for a short hack out up the track this evening at 7pm and it was already drawing in. We went out for a wander with Rach and the boys were very brave. We got to the top of the track to find that the bee keepers were harvesting honey from the hives. Not only did they have to make it past a strange car parked on the edge of the field, and a strange smell of the equipment, but the bee keepers were in full uniform, masks and all. There was much persuasion involved, and I was glad I hadn't braved it alone today, but we made it past and didn't end up in the ditch! 

More hot poulticing on the squidgy jaw, and there's not much more coming out. Rio was very brave this evening with that, we went in with much hotter water. He wasn't very impressed last night when I washed his mane and tail! The tail wasn't so much of an issue, but my gosh, do not wash his MANE! He was even less impressed when I plaited it up,.. Impressively they were still in place when I got to the yard this morning, but they didn't all quite make it to this evening. I couldn't quite muster the determination to plait it again this evening by the time we were done, so it will have to be done again tomorrow so it trains over. 

Sarah and Franks are away in the New Forest for 4 days now, so I'm either gonna have to find a different hacking buddy or brave it alone again over the weekend! I'm off to Burghley Horse Trials on Saturday with my mum as part of my birthday present in my new posh boots also from my mum for my birthday! On Sunday we have birthday celebrations for my niece, and then we will be working on the indoor school. It's been dug out today as it was super deep, so we are going to wash the walls down, paint it up, rake it out, and top it up where needed. It will be great to bring everyone together to do it, and also to know we have somewhere to ride over Winter when the evenings have drawn right in! 

Ride / play safe x