Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Just a quick one!

Lovely hack round the village with Sarah and Millie this evening. B even took the lead and seemed to love it and Rio managed just about to stay behind too. Franks was most impressive staying at the back! What a good boy.

I forgot to update you on Rio's lump under his jaw, so it is hopefully good news. It erupted on Sunday and we got a bit of pus out, luckily a friend was there to do the squeezing as I'm not a huge fan of gunky stuff ... it is looking much better and the swelling has now gone right down so I hot poulticed and my friend squidged it again this evening and I will be keeping an eye on it over the next few days. He did seem a little less sore there today so fingers crossed it is healing and all the nasty stuff has made its way out!

Ride / play safe x

PS. Spot the difference! New boots finally arrived - my early birthday present from hubster! In two years they will likely be equally as well used and loved!