Sunday, 7 September 2014

Burgh-ill-ey-ant weekend

I ACHE! Burghley is amazing. Long, and hilly, and amazing. I got some pretty cool shots of the riders, but just had such a wonderful day, thanks to my mum who got us tickets to go. 

Didn't catch Jock at a jump but had to get a shot as they galloped past!

The crossing looked absolutely terrifying.

The picnic table. Gina Ruck and Rehy Too came down just after I took this photo, and unfortunately fell. I was so glad we had moved on, as if I'd been stood here when it happened I'd have probably vowed never to ride XC ever! As it was, we were walking up winners row towards the Rolex combination, and just saw the perfect take-off. She was OK, despite being knocked out on landing; the tanoy announcement came shortly after to say she was sitting up in the medical tent. 

It turned out to be a lovely day after a very foggy start!

This morning in Felixstowe wasn't much clearer for my niece's birthday breakfast at the beach hut. I was a little gutted my camera battery was dead from yesterday, as it made for nice photos. 

My beautiful boy after a wander around the village this afternoon. We were going to go out on our own again (go us!) however Millie and Miss B came out for a walk in hand with us. Rio was very good, and we had a little trot. Aside from a spook on the way back onto the field where a man was walking out of the scary covered corner. I managed to sit it as I clocked him way before Rio - I almost thought he was going to walk through just fine but it wasn't to be! A couple of strides of canter, I let him trot a few strides then brought him back, and he walked nicely the rest of the way.

Rio has been plaited up again and looks very cute. Even after being plaited up for just a day last week his mane has been sitting over correctly, so fingers crossed this won't take long!

Ride/ play safe x