Thursday, 18 September 2014

Whirlwind week!

Blimey a lot has gone on! No time, but in brief, we've had a great last week/10 days. Lots of hacking, great weekend with wonderful ladies and equally wonderful ponies. BBQ's, learning, treats for the boy, and the big countdown to seeing my pops in Canada!

Dusky hacking, including a little canter with B and Millie (first canter out without Franks since the river field!) Admittedly Rio was pretty tired after working very hard over the weekend.

Rio joined in the team talk on the Sunday morning. Voted the cutest - obviously!

Raised trot poles on Saturday, he was an absolute superstar, and melted the girls hearts to boot! 

Such a handsome young man. He has come on so far in 10 months. 

Sarah on day 2 (I was just spectating) - Rio playing with raised canter poles. He looked stunning. I was so proud of him, but boy did Sarah have to work for it. It was just great to see him working in canter. He got very very tired and very sweaty by the end. Working for 2.5 hours Saturday and another hour of canter schooling on Sunday is new territory for him though, so I was very pleased. 

It's a raised canter pole Rio, not a jump! Although ironically, this is what we "jump" at home... I'll hide myself in the corner now... 

Most pleasing of the weekend was utilising a riding crop to put pressure on his shoulder and stop him rushing out and pushing through with his shoulders. We mainly had success at the scary end of the school, employing shoulder pressure from the crop to stop him running away. We also learned about turning and direct, indirect & ... another... rein, and using them appropriately to keep him supple, and to relax him in unsettling environments. 

There was so much information to take in, but it was such a wonderful weekend. 

Ride / play safe x