Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy new year! Bring on 2014

Can you believe him? He came up with me to the gate last night - admittedly with a little coaxing and bribery with the wheelbarrow (he has a fascination with it) but once I got him there, he stood quite happily. Had a little sniff, and chilled out. Just goes to show he is probably just testing the boundaries a bit when he is causing trouble walking through it. I even took the bottom half of the gate off so it was clicking a little before this photo was taken and he still had a sniff and stayed put. Did it stop him from having a little argument with me today? Of course not. We followed his field buddy up out of the field today as it was super windy, and to be honest, I was quite impressed. He just needs to learn to take that confidence in me like he does from another horse being around!

Happy new year everyone, I hope you all brought the new year in as you wanted! I must admit to being in bed by 11pm, I was absolutely shattered. This is the first year I haven't officially stayed up to welcome in the new year, but I have already set up 2014 to be an exciting one with this little man, so with everything else already in place, I have no need. The only thing I'm looking to try and sort is finding a new job, but that will come in time. Just to prove that he can do it, here's a video of Rio standing like a trooper whilst we get blown around:

I don't expect him to stand like this on his own any time soon, but it's good to know he's more than capable of it when he feels comfortable in company! I missed the darn burr in his forelock though and by the time I noticed it in the field, he'd had enough of being fussed over! I do love this boy :) he stood here for around 20-30 minutes whilst we chatted and decided against riding before he had his feet picked, got his breakfast and then got to go back to his field. He's really picked up standing still - he was so fidgety when I got him home.

Ride safe! x