Saturday, 4 January 2014

Adjusting troubles

I feel like a bad horsey mummy today. Not only did I turn up later than usual to the yard (6.30am every morning on weekdays!) at 9am, I didn't take the boys' breakfast down. They didn't seem too impressed, but as they were going out for a ride together they would just have to wait. The hay delivery that was due at 10am was put back to 11am and then didn't arrive until midday, which threw my plans completely, we ended up riding out on the field before it arrived which was interesting.

The wind was up again, but Rio did behave well considering. We walked, and trotted, and attempted a canter. I do wish I could have had someone filming what he did - we did a couple of strides, dropped back into trot, so I sat in and gave him a pony club kick and he launched into another 3 strides before trotting again. My friend cantered up alongside us to try and coax him into a proper canter but that just resulted in some awesome trotting at speed. I'm now not sure he's Welsh D as opposed to being a trotter! I really want to start schooling him. If only this weather would just clear off! 

So by the time we had changed plans I had to get away from the yard sharp to go drop hubby off at the football ground, which meant leaving Rio in his stable for a bit. This doesn't sound much but in the 6 1/2 weeks I have had him he has lived out 24/7, and he's not keen on the stable. He naps to the door constantly, and does get bargy and really quite stubborn. Not only that, but his field buddy was taken back down before I got back so he truly was up there on his own. A couple of the girls on the yard were on hand to keep an eye on him, and I'm told he had a couple of hissy fits but gradually calmed himself down after each. The only problem is, I really was a bad mummy and I dashed off without taking his turnout rug back off. The result? A sweaty mess on his shoulders and chest when I got back. 

So now I just feel super bad as I couldn't leave him in his waffle rug to cool up at the top forever - he was still not settling too great. Instead, I've had to pop a lighter weight turnout over the waffle and put him out in that. I was hoping to go back down and change him back into his 220g but it's still drying out in my lounge... I will just have to spend my evening worrying about him I guess. 

I went down a little after I had turned him back out to check on him, and he had a couple of rolls, but seemed happy enough. I gave him lots of cuddles as I know I told him off lots today, and that's what I feel bad about. However, it must be done now or he is just not going to take me seriously in the future. Does anyone else feel guilty after a day you've had to do more disciplining or is it just me?

Ride safe x