Monday, 6 January 2014

Flying solo

We had lots of fun yesterday! I decided to forgive mum for turning up late again and not bringing breakfast down. There always seems to be a couple of days every week she slacks off! Once she had cleared our field of all of the presents we left, she came to get me and we did some walking around in the paddock before she made me walk up the corridor. I didn't even realise we were at the gate before I was through it - mum walked in a wiggly serpentine all the way up so I didn't get chance to look at it. 

I was a bit confused as Barney usually comes up with me on a Sunday, but I was very brave after my ordeal yesterday and stood nicely on my own. Mum brushed me, and a few other ponies came and went and came again, and then it was my turn. I was looking around wondering who was coming out with me, then mum got on and we walked down the track all on our own. I stood so still when she got on - only because she wasn't stood near the mounting ramp! We went out on the field on our own for the second time ever, and I did hardly any speedy walking. 

I found a monster in the top corner of the field, and mum made me stop. I did for a moment but it was a scary monster so I went for a canter across the back of the field. Mum steadied me and then let me canter for a little longer, so I tried to be good and came back to walk when she asked again. She gave me lots of wither scratchies and pats and was talking to me all the way around the field. I was a model pony for the rest of the ride and we went past the scary corner again in both directions and I managed to hold it together. We even had a few trots, it was fun! 

When we got back, I stood nicely again and we walked down with mum's friends who kindly carried my breakfast back to my field so I could enjoy it with my field buddy. He got the day off! I was happy to have my medium rug back on, mum told me I can't have my new rug yet as I will get too warm though, so I still have to wait to try it on... Mum says both of my rugs I've yet to try on are in my colours, navy and burgundy! I'm gonna look so smart.