Thursday, 23 January 2014

Thursday Things

Rio has been escaping his field in search of pastures green. Three mornings and one evening visit resulted in bringing him back into his own field... Lots of poo to be picked in the neighbouring (thankfully empty!) field at the weekend I think. The fence line has been re-run with a new length as it seems he's being a clever sausage and lifting up the bottom rung where his rug goes up his neck and slipping underneath to avoid being shocked. Their field has also now been extended a little to cover the little bit of extra grass that they couldn't get to. Here's hoping.

I feel a bit sick tonight as I've lost my purse. I hadn't even noticed until I went to buy some chocolate for my sweet craving this evening that it was gone. After a dash to the cinema where I last know I had it, and being told it's not been handed in, I've been racking my brains but had to give in and cancel my cards. Now I'm worrying because someone out there may have my driving licence and goodness knows what other information in there. No pin numbers etc but driving licences have names, addresses, dates of birth... It's a perfect start point for fraud. So here I am quietly panicking. Don't think I'm going to sleep properly tonight...

Ride safe x