Sunday, 19 January 2014

Happy hacker Sunday

"All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and he'll listen to me any day"

My little man having a snooze after some good work today! 

I am a proud mummy today. We walked straight up the corrridor of the field to the gate, and straight through it without wiggling, walked straight down the track, stopped at the gate when I asked him to, straight across the schooling paddock, and only stopped once because he wanted to follow my friend instead of going left when she went right. We avoided burrs in the mane, however he got his own back by completely tangling up his feathers with the darn things... 20 minutes and a few bouts of head rush later and he was brushed and ready for a nice relaxed hack. 

We went out up front with his field buddy B, and he was calm and walking steady from the get go. We had a couple of nice trots out in the village, and when we came back across the field we managed a bit of a canter! We walked back to the yard, and we were at the end of the field before I realised I had ridden him on the buckle the whole way after our canter. A little thing I was so happy with, because it means I'm letting myself trust him a bit more too. 

I have a bit of a problem with leaning forward, it's just force of bad habit. I sit in to encourage him into canter, but as soon as he picks it up I can't help but lean forward! When we got back my friend suggested we do some transitions in the schooling paddock walk, a couple of strides of sitting trot, and into canter, to try and encourage me to hold onto my position. My problem is that I sit in, then it all goes to pot when he carries on trotting. We did manage one good one, and a second one when we followed B through, I just need to work on sitting in, and my aids! Still, I'm a happy mummy.

Let me leave you with some photos I took last weekend of my cousin and her horse out jumping.

Ride safe x