Monday, 20 January 2014

Words are not enough

I did good, mum!

I can't describe the feeling I had after making it down to the yard this afternoon. 

I went down and did morning duties as normal despite being off work on holiday today, and just gave Rio half of his usual morning feed so that he could have the rest after we had worked. My head was banging, so once I was done, I came home and did a little housework before retreating to bed to try and sleep it off. Unfortunately when I woke up an hour later it was still there, but I decided I wasn't going to let that stop me, and duly headed to the yard. 

There was nobody around when I got down there, just how I like it, so I made for the field. Rio was a model pony coming out of the field, walking in, and I am proud to say we had no stops or hesitations and he was absolutely on his own the whole time. We schooled, did work on transitions, walk and trot, and continued the cantering exercise we started yesterday. We managed one truly successful attempt, and I would give us a few points for another attempt. Rio did wonderfully, I just need to work on sitting in and keeping my hands still. I'm sure I'm just confusing him on some levels. 

We got back, he had a brush down, ate the rest of his grub, and had his plait re-done. He behaved pretty well whilst I walked him down with a haynet for my friend's pony, and was rewarded with a little sneaky munch before I dropped it at the gate! When I turned him loose in the field, he stayed right next to me for a moment, went for some water, and then came back over. It was hard to leave him today, as he usually wanders off down into the field fairly soon after I turn him away, but today he watched me walk all the way back to the barn. I just wanted to cuddle him! I love this horse SO MUCH!
You can just about see him at the back there!

Ride safe x