Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sit in, hands steady

Do what people tell you. It does work. Today I had a lovely ride round the village with my friend and Rio's field buddy. On the way back, I put into practice what we were working on last weekend on canter transitions. We went up front, had a few strides of trot, and I sat in like I had a fifty under my butt, and we had a glorious canter. I was so proud of Rio, and myself - just goes to show, if I truly focus, so does he!

I wish I had taken a photo but when we got back, I found for the first time he had a foamy mouth where he had truly relaxed and enjoyed himself. It was only a little bit, but it was there! He's a superstar, and with every day I just love him more and more. 

On another note, he has however jumped through the fence numerous times this week. They now have a completely new line run on the bottom rung as the old one had several breaks. The bottom of their field has also been slightly extended to the river line, so there's a little more grass. It seems to have worked for now, but he was obviously next door for some time over the week as I retrieved a heaped wheelbarrow of poo from the neighbouring field today! 

Took my camera to the yard today (yes! and still failed to get any of Rio, I know!) here's a little snap of my friend's pony. She's such a star, she'd just practised some loading ready for the shows in the summer, oh and pony club very soon!

Ride safe x