Friday, 3 January 2014

Quiet contemplation

There are some moments that you just really know that it's worth it. The long hours in the office, the freezing winds, the poo picking in the rain. I had one of these moments this morning, for no particular reason at all, just that I was down in the field doing my morning duties, and realised I was just happy to be there. Even better is that the last two mornings, daybreak has come as I'm finishing up - spring must be just around the corner! I'm so happy we are past the shortest day, and can now look forward to the next few months. 

We've had more rain and the river has invaded the field again a little. The boys have their own paddling pool! 

I'm helping a friend out at the moment feeding her pony and when I went up with her hay after work this evening, popped up to the boys' field to say hello. They were milling around the gate area so I made up for being naughty and not picking out Rio's feet this morning. He was such a good boy, it must be a bit daunting for a walking, talking lightbulb to approach! We had lots of cuddles and head rubs after, I just love this boy so much already. 

I'm hoping to go and see my cousin and her horse tomorrow to take some photos - fingers crossed the weather holds out, although the forecast doesn't look promising. I had great fun photographing them on XC schooling over a year ago, and am hoping to be able to get more involved in photography with horses too. What do you think of my last attempts?

Well, I'm hoping for a hack out tomorrow after the hay delivery. I'm going to be working with Rio in the company of another pony for a little longer to give him some more time to get more comfortable whilst up at the top of the yard. Once he's more settled (and hopefully the weather will be too...) then I will start working him on his own a bit more. Will let you know how it goes!

Ride safe x