Monday, 11 August 2014

After a long day

There's nothing more relaxing than a peaceful groom down at the yard. I've been having a bit of a "low" day today, and wasn't sure how Rio would be as it's been a while since I've felt like this. I needn't have worried, the wind kindly calmed for an hour or so, and although he did have his usual protest at coming out of the field, and a small argument once we were out, he was an absolute star.

He stood perfectly whilst I picked his feet, rubbed him down with the rubber curry comb, then sprayed up his mane and tail before vigorously attacking his mane and trying to tame it over to the right side. I was amazed at how relaxed he seemed, it was a pleasant change. As you can see, he was more than happy to pose for his photo to be taken! I'm sure he had a nice roll a few minutes after I left, but he looked lovely for a while, so it's all good. Tomorrow the feathers come off! He's going to look such a smart young man. I may have to get my friend to attack his beard at the same time... 

Ride / play safe x