Sunday, 17 August 2014

My chunky monkey

Yes, that is Rio in a rug. No, I haven't gone soft just yet. I was hoping on Friday to ride after work, and the forecast was showing rain for most of the afternoon. All straps and buckles had to be adjusted for it to fit him as he's bulked out a little since he last wore it! What a chunky monkey. It actually just about fits his shoulders now instead of it hanging loose around his neck. He's growing up so fast *sob*. Anyway, I didn't ride on Friday so it was all a bit pointless, as I still had a headache (day 5 and counting, although today it has been much more dulled).

I just had to share this pic. My phone seems to save the last image on the camera viewfinder when I lock it/close the camera app. I'm going to be keeping an eye on the thumbnail as I have a feeling it could provide some gems! This was Franks trying to pop over and say hi. 

I now have my dad's camera for a few weeks, so bring on some photo shoots to have a play around with it... We had a day out at the beach today so I'll be reviewing the shots I got from that some time soon, fingers crossed I got some good ones. 

Sarah took me out on Saturday morning for a hack with the boys. I decided to go for it despite the headache. We had a lovely peaceful hack up the road, and whilst we didn't gallop across the stubble, we did have a trot and then a wonderful collected canter on the track through the stubble field. There was no bucking or broncing, and Rio was very responsive, collecting himself to stay behind Franks when I asked him not to pass! So there we are, I've now cantered since the incident, on a hack. Hurrah!

Ride / play safe x