Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Relaxing into it

After all the excitement of Sunday, and the rubbish weather yesterday, a nice chilled ride was on the menu this evening. With the wind blowing the trees about with force over the course of the day, I could easily have talked myself out of it altogether. 

As you can see, Rio's feathers are still in place, we got forgotten again :( I'm starting to think I'm going to have to give it a go on my own, which is scary. I don't want him to look a total scruff bag! Clipping tips for legs VERY welcome!

The wind was still blowing fairly when I got down to the field, but with poo picking done, I didn't let that stop me from calling my boy up. To my absolute joy, he walked straight up to me this evening (I do love when he does that!) - headcollar on, and off we went. He walked out through the scary electric gate without batting an eyelid, let me close it without even glancing back, and was quiet and collected walking up and waiting to be tacked up. All in windier conditions than usual. 

I was very pleased, and by the time I mounted, the wind had more or less died down, aside from a few gusts on the ride. We walked a new route this evening with Sarah and Millie that I've not done before, and it was lovely. We took a loop route where we usually go straight up and back again, and the difference was amazing. The ride felt much longer, and was much more satisfying. We had different terrains, surroundings and footing, and plenty of hill work, up and down. Rio seemed to really approve of this hack, there was lots of stretching and snorting, and I felt comfortable giving him a good length of rein without worrying about him running off. 

Ride / play safe x