Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday - NOT the day to relax??

Today started like a normal sort of Sunday. Mum was late (as usual!) and she even had the cheek to walk down to the field to see me without my breakfast. Like it's not enough that I was left to starve without my hard feed yesterday! When I got up to the barn it was clear that breakfast wasn't quite on the menu yet. Mum brushed me down and tacked me up, and one of the other guys from two fields down met us in the car park. I've only met him a couple of times, but he seems nice enough. Mum let me have a long-ish rein, and we had a couple of trots and I was mainly a good boy. 

I waited around for a bit when we got back whilst mum sorted out tack and got breakfast - at last. I was busy munching away when she came up to poke the lump under my chin. She squealed a little bit when she touched it as the lump has gone down, but it was pussy. Now I'm not a wimp, but this thing is getting really annoying now. Thankfully one of mum's friends was on hand to squidge the pus out - it wasn't much fun, and I did my best to be helpful but I couldn't help shaking my head about a bit. Once it was all out, they put warm cotton wool on it with hibiscrub to try and draw out any extra manky stuff, but it just bled a little. I had some cream on it, and mum told me I have to be good and not scratch my chin on anything. Like there's anything fun in my field to scratch on anyway...

I thought this would be the end of it, but turns out mum wanted to "smarten me up" a bit. She brushed my tail out and chopped it up by a few inches! Then she had to rough chop the ends and the sides so it looked more natural. Obviously it doesn't look natural, it's SHORT! But I do look rather dashing. Mum says she likes my tail shorter. This was still not the end; mum made the brush soggy and then brushed my mane - trying to tame it over to the right. It didn't really work. Apparently I'm going to have to have it plaited for a few weeks to "train it over".

Mum disappeared off for a bit and left me turned out in the grass arena again. I was very brave and decided to graze in the scary corner where the trees blow around in the wind. It wasn't so bad. You mustn't tell mum though, schooling would be far too easy if I didn't have something to be "afraid" of. After quite a while of getting to relax on my own, and munching to my heart's content, mum came to get me, and we walked out to the barn at the back. Big T was out there, and shouted a word of warning to me, but it was too late! Mum had already tied me up, and suddenly the noise surrounded me.


What have I done to deserve this today? It's really not my day! MUM! STOP IT! Oh... Actually, it turns out they're not so bad when they're actually on me... Ok, I guess I can stand almost still. I'm still going to shake a bit though. I would like some sympathy after all. After my first leg was done, I'd sort of decided it was manageable. The clippers weren't going to eat me, and I was even allowed to have a proper look at them and a good sniff. They're just so loud! Mum stood at my head and was giving me neck scratches when I was stood like a good boy. I did try and run through her to begin with, and once on the third leg, and then I got a bit of a smack. Message received - sorry mum, I didn't mean it!

How smart do I look now?

Good news, there's no other bad things hiding under there, and I don't have any other bits of mud fever. Mum's also hoping to save time on grooming now. The cheek of it. I will just have to try harder to poo down my legs more. It all feels a bit funny with no hair to protect me - mum walked me through the long grass and stuff on the way back to the field, but I was very brave and took it all in my stride. You wait until my first time back on the stubble. I might save my freakout for that! So that was my not so relaxing Sunday. I hope you've all had a better day of it!