Thursday, 28 August 2014

Making progress

Just a quick update this evening! After a good ride out Tuesday evening, we braved a little walk out around the village with no equine company. Sarah accompanied us again on her bike, and me and Rio were very relaxed! I was so pleased, so now I just have to get on with trying it on our own, like, on our own. We shall see!

Tonight we went for a ride up onto the stubble fields with Sarah and Franks. Our first proper canters out on a hack (we've just had a little one with Sarah last week) since the river field broncs, and it all went swimmingly. It's all very helpful as the stubble is on a sweeping incline, and we had a little fleeting moment where Rio felt like he wanted to fly, but I checked him on it, and he came straight back to me. We had a little sideways spook whilst cantering the straight, but I was able to sit into it and went with him and just carried on. Overall, I'm very very pleased with both of us!

Feathers are still on, but fingers are TIGHTLY crossed they are coming off on Saturday morning. Rio has the farrier tomorrow, so new shoes, fresh legs, and if the weather allows, I think he will have a nice bath and I'll try and sort out his mane as it's a bit of a mess! 

Ride / play safe x