Sunday, 24 August 2014

Play day!

+ Rio was much more well-mannered today
- We had a couple of moments where Rio freaked out. However, they didn't last long.

+ We started big, and squished the barrels to within about a foot of each other and Rio went through them
- We didn't manage to jump the barrels on-line

+ We managed steering a little better without reins, despite having to give up on the last cone
- Rio did get excitable before the last cone after we already had to go back to the start, and cantered off into the opposition's lane

+ We rocked the egg and spoon race and even braved a few strides of trot at the end
- Can't think of a bad one on this one!

+ We made it back with a couple of strides of canter and no dramas (Franks bolted, bless him!)
- It was a bit of a faff getting him to stand still by the water bucket (filling and emptying the cup)

- Um. None. We won!

We had mixed results whilst schooling, I was getting very frustrated but we did end on a fairly good note having cantered a full circuit. He wasn't keen on the carrot stick whilst I rode, that's what made him freak out, so we ditched it. Tomorrow (fingers crossed) is the day the feathers come off. 

Ride / play safe x