Sunday, 31 August 2014

Saturday's musings

Rio finally got his feet done yesterday after the farrier had to postpone last Friday. I had to leave him with a friend at the yard though as I got there for 2.30pm to receive a text saying it would be nearer 3.30pm before he arrived! Rio was turned out in the scary outdoor grass arena whilst he waited. He was adorable trotting around and generally looking very handsome. 

I was hoping last night to make our first true solo mission around the village. Unfortunately it was a little windy, so that did not happen.

Instead, I poo picked three fields, gave cuddles to three horses, and left it at that. Today was much the same, so Rio had a second day off. However, there was a bit of drama when Sean the Sheep was found dying in my friend's field. A mass rescue ensued (most of which I was more of a witness to than a participant!) whereby Sean was loaded into the giant wheelbarrow and escorted up to the yard into the indoor school. Attempts were made to get him to drink, and stand up, and although he managed a few steps, he then fell down and sadly died a little later. We always complain about the sheep, but all the same, nobody wants to see an animal suffer. We will remember you Sean!

Ride / play safe x