Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Stubble's up!

The stubble is out in full force! Not only are the fields across the road open for action, but the one next door to the yard has now been cut too.

So over the weekend I had Sarah school Rio on Saturday as I managed to pop my hip out on Friday afternoon in the office (don't ask!) so I was a bit uncomfortable. He was a very good boy, and the improvement on him taking up the contact was a joy to see. At least I must be doing something right. Anyway, here are a couple of videos I took:

He took up a contact on both reins, in walk and trot (I've not quite got him in trot just yet, only a few strides), popped a small cross pole in trot and then canter after doing some very nice trot pole work, and then did some leg yield with inside bend. What a clever boy. We went out for a hack around the village on Sunday with Sarah, and went out across the river field where he had his silly 5 minutes last week. I was a bit nervous, but made sure I took deep breaths and we just trotted on the outside track. It all went pretty well, albeit Rio and myself were both a little tense at times, but he didn't run off or do anything daft, so it's a foundation to build on.

Yesterday was my first time out on a stubble field with Rio. Sarah came out with us, as I was a bit unsure of what he would do. I'm not sure if he has been on a stubble field before so I didn't want a repeat of last week... I'm quite sure that a fall on to stubble is going to hurt much more than on to soft long grass. I needn't have worried, he walked quite calmly through it, and we had a little trot behind Sarah with no excitability. I was pleased with that, and will be trying to avoid cantering on any stubble fields just yet - I want him to be happy walking and trotting first and not just to associate it with going flat out!

Last night was a bit of a strange one in any case, all of the horses were playing up in one way or another, and they were all a bit on their toes! Even the usually best behaved ponies proved that there is no such thing as a bombproof horse. Must have been something in the air I guess. I'm hoping to try and school tonight, so fingers crossed it has passed.

Ride/play safe x