Thursday, 10 July 2014

Cuddles with my boy

I'm very pleased with how Rio has been the last couple of days. The weather has been so blustery, I've not ridden since Tuesday, but he's been very responsive. Moving him between fields last night when the wind had trees bending over in the gusts, I was a little nervous that he might be a bit of a numpty, but he walked straight out with me with no hesitation. 

I was a little concerned when I got down and Rio was laying down, and didn't move to poo pick with me, but he got straight up when I was done and put his headcollar on. He's looking much better now him and Franks are alternating nights in the fatty field. 

He was still very sleepy when he went into the field with Franks so there wasn't much to see, but a friend said that he was pushing Franks about later in the day. He came up this evening to have his feet picked and the scabby bits on his pastern seen to again. His skin is starting to look much more pink and fresh, so hopefully the Hypocare is helping, and we are getting somewhere. He even came for a trot with me at liberty in the field tonight, love him! 

Ride / play safe x