Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Relaxed pony

Love how he stands like a show pony so often. 

Rio had the evening off today, he wasn't very forthcoming with leaving Franks in the field, but with a bit of pressure and release (and unfortunately a bit of snaking) we made it out in a few minutes. He's proving his intelligence again as he's figured out that when he goes for a wee he gets to stop and munch some grass. Clever boy.

He's been stomping his feet a little recently, so I've been keeping an eye on him as he could have mites in his feathers. He's not been so bad these last couple of days, but I brought him up this evening, I washed his legs down with some hibiscrub in case he has any unseen sore bits. He had a little leg massage, and was very good and stood steady pretty much the whole time. He's also got a little scabby patch on his right hind just on his pastern, so I've been treating that with warm diluted hibiscrub, and taking the scabs off. A friend has lent me some udder cream so I've been putting that on, and it's starting to look much better. A quick application of baby oil on his feathers, hypocare on the graze he keeps catching on his back leg, and it was time to head back down to the field. 

Ride/play safe x