Sunday, 20 July 2014

Happy Horsey Weekend

We've had a lovely weekend! Yesterday, Millie and I spent almost 9 hours "at the yard" (we did pop out to the local tack store, which counts as being at the yard in my eyes!) You may have seen a picture of Millie's little pony on my last post - meet Brandy. He's a darling little twenty year old pony from the New Forest, who loves being in his cart. It was my first time driving, I've never been in a cart before! We had decided we needed to pop to the shop to get a drink and maybe an ice cream, so Brandy took us. We parked up in the car park, and boy do people come and talk to you. Several people came over to stroke him, and were asking all sorts of questions. That was new. I'm not really a people person... Interesting experience! I even got to take up the reins on the way back home, and we had a little trot and everything. It was awesome.

Today was pamper day, and my cousin kindly pulled Rio's mane for me this morning. He looks so super handsome now, and his short tufty bit doesn't look quite so short and tufty. I begrudgingly let her pull his forelock, but wouldn't let her do more than one pull as I love his forelock long. Admittedly, it does look very smart now. We decided that before he had his bath, we would ride round the village and stop off at the shop on the way back as there was a little bit of cloud coverage and a slight breeze. Rio wanted to show off his new 'do' to the world as he's a posh boy now. They were a little fidgety whilst waiting in the car park, but overall it was pretty successful. Who needs to park a car in a car park when you can park ponies?

So when we got back, it was bath time. He was much better than usual on the left side, I even managed to hose him down, lather him up with the shampoo, and rinse him off on my own without too much fuss. However, the other side wasn't so successful, and ended up with me holding him whilst Millie hosed him. He was very naughty at one point as he kicked out when his hind end was being hosed. Due to his left brain thinking, however, he didn't kick towards anyone or anything, rather he kicked out behind him like he had an annoying twitch. After a telling off from Millie and I, there were no more legs going out where they weren't wanted, and although he didn't stand still, we made it through. Perhaps whilst the weather is still warm, he may get hosed down daily for the next week to see if we can't get rid of this silly behaviour around the hose. 

Just because he's such a poser!
Amazingly, and possibly for the first time ever, he didn't even roll when I turned him out in his field. It's a big night tonight, he's spending tonight AND the day tomorrow in with Franks. We've extended the fencing in their paddock so there's more grass in there again so fingers crossed there will be no bitten bottoms. He's also back to having a hard feed once a day, as they're not getting all the nutrients needed from the grazing at the moment, so he's on chaff and a low calorie balancer to make sure he's getting all he needs whilst he is (still!) growing. Come on Rio, let's get that last inch or two out of you!

Ride / play safe x