Monday, 14 July 2014

So what is your horse for?

I got down to the yard to see Rio this morning with his girlfriends - yes, plural! 

Now I know why I have Rio, but I wonder for what reason other people get their neddies. For me, it is not just about me and Rio but the yard itself, and the people. The atmosphere of peace after a long stressful day, somewhere where I don't have to sweat the small things and can roll with the punches. I love that he's not a perfectly preened show pony; if anything, he's an absolute mud monster at the moment. He comes back from a hack dirtier than he leaves, because he's s a sweaty boy. He has a fidget and tries to scratch his butt on everything in reach when he gets hosed down. He pulls silly faces when he's trying to eat an apple because he can't figure out how to bite it once it's in his mouth. He has a huge trunk on him, and can't stop snouting at everything around him. 99% of the time, spooking doesn't even result in him moving from where he is. The other 1%, well who knows. Our bond is getting better every day. I can easily while away any number of hours at the yard, whether it's with Rio, or just chatting away the time. We keep on breaking new barriers together, and today we had our first adventure out together with no other horses, that wasn't just around the big field. Yes, my friend cycled with us, but we were the only horse and rider, and you know what? It was wonderful. 

All in all, having him just makes me smile. That's what Rio is for. He keeps me sane.

So what is your horse for?