Sunday, 27 July 2014

Our loss is Rainbow Bridge's gain

It's been a week of gains and losses, and ups and downs, and change.

Rio is back in his own field permanently. I got down on Monday morning to find that he fancied a side of Franks with his grass dinner. He has had a bit of a gammy eye earlier in the week, so he had this rather fetching fly mask which we bought from Sarah as she wanted one with a nose for Franks. Rio wore it fine for a couple of days, and then decided he didn't like it any more, and kept taking it off and has ripped the top of the mesh away. He's now in a different one of Franks' old Mark Todd fly masks which doesn't have ears to see how that fares... 

We've had a breakthrough with the NAF Mud Gard Ointment with clearing the small mud fever patch on his right hind pastern. I slopped a good blob on when I went down on Friday night, and on Saturday morning the scabs all but completely came off with ease. I've been reapplying it to keep it safe, and keeping the last little bits of scab at bay. Fingers crossed it's now on the mend, although there's now a chance he has mites. Woohoo for a gorgeous feathery boy hey... Watch this space. Our post-ride routine is getting longer by the day! We now have to wipe down and apply mud gard, part all feathers and spray in parasite spray, and he's also being washed down with warm diluted dettol to keep his coat clean and shiny (plus I love the smell!)

So this week we have gained a few bits. Fly masks (x2!) sheepskin saddle saver, courtesy of Sharon, because my jeans are starting to go bobbly on the bum due to my suede saddle! We have also acquired nettex mud away from my cousin, which we are yet to try, but should help keep the mud at bay once the weather turns again. Finally, today, we've been given the parasite spray to try before I have to resort to calling the vet out about Rio's foot stomping mite possibility, and Deosect, which I've not used yet, it will be a last attempt before calling the vet. 

Sadly, we have also had a loss this week. Due to his arthritis, the decision had to be taken to put him out of his pain. He was a fantastic little horse, safe and sturdy, and so loving. Our yard really pulled together for Millie, and we spent Tuesday evening at the barn until almost midnight whiling the hours away before the day. Bob's field mate of 14 years didn't take it too well (understandably) but he seems to be doing well now. He's a round little 11.2 pony, and is definitely missing out on his daily scratches. Rio was only interested in trying to eat him when we put them in the school together, so he went in for some cuddles with Franks on Friday. Brandy actually came out on a hack with us this evening, he is such a sweet little pony. 

We went out for a mini photoshoot with Bob out and about the yard. He will always be remembered at the farm. Rest easy big guy xxx

Ride / play safe x