Wednesday, 9 July 2014

New arrivals & some peace

The boys managed to survive the day together yesterday! I didn't get down to the yard until much later than usual last night, but Sarah sent me this. Franks very kindly offered to spend the night in Rio's paddock to help graze it down a little more, which I thought was lovely of him. I am pleased to report that even after one day of being on a barer field, Rio's grass belly was visibly reduced, and when I tacked him up to ride last night, his girth is actually in the same place, if not one hole higher than it was before. 

I'm waiting with baited breath for the delivery man to turn up (the tracker says he was due 10.45 - 11.45!) as I'm home on my lunch break, and have to leave again in ten minutes. It's Rio's grazing muzzle. He will be back in his own field tonight, so I would really be happier if I knew he had it on so he doesn't undo the good work of yesterday, last night and today being in Franks' field! 

This little man is the reason I was late down to the yard yesterday, meet my new nephew Benjamin! We had to get up to the hospital before visiting hours ended at 7pm. He's a little darling, barely made a peep the whole time we were there. That's the kind of baby I can deal with!

I decided when I got down to Rio that we would do something, it had been raining earlier this afternoon and we even had a bit of a thunder storm, so I'd all but discounted the option of riding. By the time I made it there though, it had been dry for a couple of hours, and Rio was actually pretty dry so we had just a little schooling session. I *think* we managed a couple of steps on a contact, but without someone on the ground I'm still getting used to telling. We did some trot poles, and gave cantering a go, but had to take it easy as he's not got the hang of cantering around bends in the school yet, and lost his footing behind on the damp grass. All in all, I was pleased, and glad we got to do something just the two of us. Still not taken him back out again on my own since the fall, but I'm working up to it!

Ride / play safe x