Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Jump on with both feet

Me and my boy are in training together!! After last night's adventure out with Sarah on her bicycle keeping us company, we went out for a mooch around the village with Sarah and Franks. I've come to the conclusion that I may have to carry a schooling whip when we're out and about - he had a stop yesterday when it was just us, which I managed to move him on from. Sarah was there for moral support to get on at me to get on at him, and it worked. 

Today, we took the lead for most of the hack, although Rio did tuck himself in behind Franks in the big field for a little bit at the start. We kept a good pace throughout, and Rio was pretty good, even when faced with a bus that slowed down but didn't stop to wait for us to pass! We went out across the grassy field by the river, but couldn't take our usual route thanks to the recent rain. Half of the track was a mini creek! We took the outside track, and stuck to a good walk, making our way through the little ditches that had formed. 

Rio was going well until we came across a patch of ground where there were distinctive different colours, lots of brown long grass across the green. We had a sideways hop with a 90 degree left turn into the foliage, which I think I comfortably sat. I turned him back to where we were headed, and tried squeezing him on, but he was rooted to the spot. I gave him a few seconds to have a look, but he was just planting himself by this point so I had to try and show him I meant it. A few strong pony club kicks, talking to him, geeing him on, and he still wasn't moving a muscle, so on this occasion we had to put Franks in front, and have him show Rio there was nothing to worry about. We took the lead after this again, and he was really good for the rest of the ride, even staying up in front across the big field on the way back home. Funnily enough, he still side stepped at the spot where he threw me. Such a strange boy. I had to take that route back or I knew Sarah would tell me off for avoiding the incident site! Haha. Got to love it. 

Rio will have tomorrow off as we are off out for dinner for my mum's birthday, then we will see what we get up to on Thursday evening. 

Ride / play safe x